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Goals for providing responsible service:

  • Providing services that are hygienic, safe, and clean.
  • Standard tools and equipment Use new items every time.
  • Providing services from professional staff with more than 5 years of service experience.
  • Create an impression of unique service. and customers want to come back and use it again


We are ready to serve everyone wholeheartedly. Providing standard service and making users want to come back to use it. We confirm that we provide services that are beneficial to customers. Helps you experience a new massage experience. that cannot be found anywhere Providing services responsibly It will come from responsible gambling, from collective action. and shared ownership by individuals, communities, the gambling industry and government to achieve socially responsible outcomes and respond to community concerns.


Customer Service



Contact the us through the web page  :

Contact via Line admin : 66leelaathai

Contact via We chat admin : 66leelaathai

Contact via Whatsapp admin : +66 0653 292 324

Phone Number : +66 653 292 324


E-mail  :

  • contact@66leelaathai – FAQ
  • customerservice@66leelaathai – For Customer
  • partnerships@66leelaathai – For Business Opportunities
  • hr@66leelaathai – For Employment Opportunities